110kV Ninh Phuoc 6.2 – Ninh Phuoc Solar Farm

Investor: NISTA.

Ninh Phuoc Solar Power Plant 6.1 has a capacity of 8.3MWp and Ninh Phuoc 6.2 with a capacity of 50MWp, built on an area of 83.3 ha. This project include installing solar panels, inverter DC/AC, 22kV/110kV substation, 22kV and 110kV line systems, etc. The project is the first solar power project of Binh Thuan province and is expected to be put into operation in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Configuration services for:
– Control & protection system of 110kV substation Ninh Phuoc 6.2.
– SCADA for substation & solar power plant of Ninh Phuoc 6.1 and Ninh Phuoc 6.2.
Point to Point & End to End services.
– Secondary equipment (protection control panel, server, etc.).
– AC/DC system.
– FR/PQ system.
– Substation Automation system.
– Metering system.


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