Investment and Energy Technology Service., JSC.
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ITS.,JSC provides market-leading services and solutions for power utility automation.
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ITS., JSC always tries our best to bring to customers products with the best standard, quality and professional services, dedicated caring over the expectation of the customers.
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Substation Automation

ITS.,JSC provides complete products & services for substation automation systems in which using various devices from different vendors.

Mini SCADA for Industrial

ITS., JSC provides products and solutions for control & monitoring medium voltage devices and switching devices.

Renewable Energy Systems

ITS., JSC offers the best solutions for SCADA/DCS system and provides power forecast system for renewable energy.

Electrical Panels Production

ITS., JSC ensures the electrical panel system is operated safely, long-term and continuous.

Operation Control Center

ITS., JSC builds solutions and provides all equipment and accompanying services for OCC of substations and power plants.

Overhead Line Monitoring

ITS., JSC consults and implements solutions for overhead line monitoring. Assets on transmission tower are continuously monitored to provide early warning of possible faults

Partial Discharge Monitoring

ITS., JSC advices and implements the online PD monitoring solutions to early detect faults for critical components in the power system.

Power Forecasting Solution

ITS., JSC is proud to be the pioneers in the field of solar and wind energy forecasting in Vietnam.



Have high motivation, spirit, and enthusiasm in carrying our work and for self-development, with a sense of belonging to the company.


Quality in everything we do for our Products, Services and Solutions.


Collaborate and synergize the roles and abilities of individuals and teams to archive company goals.

Customer Satisfaction

ITS., JSC will always be the first choice of customers.

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