Completed end-to-end testing for DTS system in 110kV Cang Tien Sa

The DTS system (made by NKT Photonics GmbH) at 110kV Cang Tien Sa substation is a 24/7 monitoring system including system status, temperature measurement, cable break detection, and fiber break locating.
The system is used to monitor over 5km of underground cable that connects the 110kV Cang Tien Sa substation to the 110kV An Don substation.

On 20/12/2021, our engineers have successfully configured the DTS to adapt with the new underground cable and send the signals to the SCADA system (made by Survalent Technology Corporation) via IEC 61850. The system also passed the end-to-end testing via IEC 60870-5-104 with PC Da Nang on the same day.

Many thanks to our partners and friends that accompany us on this project.

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