Computer-base Substation Control System for 110kV Tay Nguyen Wind Power

Co-operation: A Chau., JSC.

The Tay Nguyen wind farm, Dlie Yang commune, Ea H’leo district is the first wind power project in Tay Nguyen, with the goal of joining the National Grid in the 2nd quarter of 2019. At this project, we provide services in 2 stages:
List of works in Stage 1:
– Config IED/BCUs for bay control, collect and handle the signals, applying the IEC61850 protocol.
– Collect relay protection signals following the IEC61850 protocol.
– Collect measurement signal from meters which used Modbus RTU protocol.
– Connect all informations, signals to the operation control center (OCC) base on IEC60870-5-104 protocol.
List of works in Stage 2:
– Configuration services for connection between 110kV CSCS system with GE Wind Power system (WindCONTROL, WindSCADA).
– Configuration services for COD (Commercial Operation Day) with NLDC (A0), CRLDC (A3) and power plant.


Substation: 110kV Tay Nguyen Wind Power.

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