Integrated system for rooftop solar power plants

In March 2022, with the enthusiastic cooperation from BBCO Energy and HMS, a pilot project for monitoring and controlling rooftop solar systems via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol was tested and evaluated by ITS., JSC in Dak Nong, Vietnam.

With the hope of contributing to the improvement of automation capacity in Vietnam, ITS., JSC aims to deploy an efficient, easy-to-operate, cost-effective control and monitoring system for rooftop solar power.
This goal is also a step in the process of completing our microgrid system solution.

All main system functions such as power control, measurement, and remote monitoring have been successfully tested. The system works with low latency and is reliable in IEC 104, Modbus, and other signals transmission.
The working session under actual operating conditions has confirmed the feasibility of the rooftop solar monitoring and control system.
With this promising result, ITS., JSC hopes to bring more green connections between rooftop solar power plants and the operation control centers in the future.

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