Electrical Panels

EITS., JSC creates high quality products that meet norms and rules and always satisfy our customers. Our panel manufacturing process is strictly compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

– Designed in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015.
– Cabinet frame is made of at least 2 mm thick steel plate, folded shaped, welded or bolted firmly, ensuring tightness, and rigidity.
– The 19 ° rack-mount device mounting bracket with standardized modules is convenient for future replacement and expansion. The device mounting bracket can be fixed or rotated according to customers’ requirements and purposes.
– The door can be opened at 150 ° angle, the door can be opend by push and/or pull. On the door attached with a handle, can be opened from the left or the right depending on customer requirements.
– Internal lighting of cabinets with fluorescent lights, controlled by travel switches. The heating resistance and ventilation fan are controlled by thermal sensors.
– Pre-drilled bottom plate with cable holes, suitable size for fastening and detachable cable necks.
– The grounding bar is placed on the bottom of the cabinet, the minimum cross-section is 70mm2, the metal cover of relays and measuring devices are connected to this bar. Bolts and e-screws necessary for connecting with external earthing system are also available.
– The VT & CT circuits are connected through the pressure flow test units mounted in front of the cabinet, which is convenient for pre-operation testing as well as annual testing annually.
– The relay test blocks are arranged in front of the cabinet, the number depends on the relay type and always ensures enough for the VT & CT circuits, the digital input and output.
– The power supply circuit and the functional circuits protected by MCB have appropriate shear currents. Auxiliary contacts are equipped for warning circuits.
– Internal cables of the cabinet is numbered at both ends according to the circuit diagram in the design drawings. The cable are connected according to functional groups such as current, voltage, closed circuit, cutting circuit … and given the corresponding clamping rows. The cable are neatly arranged and fixed firmly while ensuring easy and convenient for checking and comparing with the circuit diagram.
(*) In specific projects, specifications may vary to suit customer requirements.

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