SCADA System for 110kV Leveling to 220kV Long Bien Substation

Investor: EVNHANOI.

Co-operation: Vengy Company.

Within the framework of the project “New Construction of 110kV substation at 220kV Long Bien Supply Station”, the 110kV substation connecting 220kV Long Bien successfully energized, served the stable power supply for Long Bien district area and surrounding areas.

List of works:
– Configuration for BCU (GBU200 – Toshiba) to collect signals, status, control.
– The protocol used to connect the signal completely uses the IEC61850 protocol.
– Configuration for HMI Interface.
– Configuration for Gateway, and connect to EVNHanoi Load Dispath Centre by IEC60870-5-101/104.


Substation: 110kV Long Bien – Hanoi.

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