SMS Alarm

SMS ALARM Serial No.: 18_002

SMS Alarm has the function of receiving and sending messages via GSM to perform control and monitoring functions for IoT and IIoT. The device is easy to use and has good compatibility with relays, PLCs, sensors,… via 03 dry contact input and 01 output.


Power supply:
SIM interface:
Antenna interface:
Digital input:
Digital output:
Exterior dimension:

DC 12V/1A
GSM-900, GSM-1800
1 slot of Mini SIM Card
1 slot of SMA
03, dry contact
01, AC 250V/10A
65 mm x 114mm x 32mm

Packing list

SMS Alarm
AC/DC Adaptor 
User Manual

01 pcs
01 pcs
01 pcs
01 pcs


Make sure that the SIM card and the antenna are installed. The device spends 30 seconds to completely start.
The setting process is performed by text commands which are sent from user’s phone number to the device’s phone number.


Send the above command from user’s phone number to the device’s phone number to confirm the phone number that will receive alarm message.

SET[input interface] [content]#

[input interface] can be set from 1 to 3, correspond to the input interface.
[content] the content of message that will be sent to user’s phone number.
E.g:     SET1 CB471 trip#

[control] can be set from 4 to 5. “4” is for closing output contact, “5” is for opening output contact.
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